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My dear people of God do you know the reason for the first man and woman (Adam and Eve) to sin by disobeying despite being commanded and instructed well on what should and shouldn’t be done? Despite God commanding them to not eat the fruit of the forbidden tree planted in the middle of the garden of Eden yet they went against His love, disobeyed Him and ate it. Definitely there was a great mystery hidden in that tree and its fruit.

Genesis 3:1-7

The reason why Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command and ate the fruit of that tree was because the tree was not an ordinary tree but it was a special tree and what was the speciality of it? As compared to all the trees planted in the garden which were common; this tree which was in the middle of the garden had heavenly treasure hidden in it and what is the heavenly treasure? This tree was giving the knowledge of good and evil and would make them wise.

In other words, divine wisdom of God was hidden in it but such a great mystery was not known to Adam and Eve but it was the cunning devil that came in the form of serpent to Eve and spoke to her and revealed this mystery to her. So, she developed a desire in her to receive the knowledge of good and evil and become wise like God. She ate it and she even gave Adam to have it. Did Adam and Eve become wise after eating the fruit? Not at all instead they who were wise became foolish.

Since Adam and Eve were the first human beings, they had no earthy parents because they directly came from God. They were created in His image and likeness hence; they had the mind of God and were already wise. Thus, they had the knowledge to distinguish between good and evil but disobedience to the command of God made the wise people foolish which made them to fall in the journey of life.

Proverbs 3:13-18

My dear people of God suppose God appears to you anytime in your dream and places before you two options and tells you select one among the two.

The first option is riches of the world and the second is wisdom. What will you select? If a person has all the riches of the world and he lacks wisdom then he will have no knowledge to handle his wealth and possession wisely. So, at the end he will lose everything and from hero he will become zero and he will lead a defeated life and fall in the journey of life but the person who has the divine wisdom of God, despite he being financially weak will have the knowledge and ability to create wealth as well as handle and invest it in Godly ways and right manner. Therefore, divine wisdom of God is more precious than silver, gold and all the riches of the world.

What do you prefer my dear people of God? Definitely you know the answer now that divine wisdom of God is vital in this journey of life. Adam and Eve ate the fruit in order to gain wisdom but they failed in the journey of life.

Psalm 119: 97-104

The wisdom of God is hidden in the Word of God which is written in the Bible. It is the Word of God that gives the knowledge of good and evil and makes Gods children wise in the things of God. Those people who eat more and more the fruits from the tree planted in the middle of the garden that is the Bible and the fruit is the Word of God which is written in the Bible will receive highest knowledge about good and evil. Thus, they can distinguish light from darkness, right from wrong, truth from falsehood, clean from unclean and straight from crooked. Therefore, reading the word of God with understanding, meditating and confessing it daily is very vital.

Isaiah 51:7

There is a vast difference between reading the Word of God, meditating and confessing the Word of God. Reading the Word of God gives only head knowledge but meditating and confessing the Word of God gives revelation knowledge. In other words, you will understand the deep meaning of the scripture hidden in the Word of God, which we call as heavenly hidden treasure.

So, to have a successful journey of life and reach your destiny you need the revelation knowledge rather than head knowledge. When you are filled with the revelation knowledge of the Word of God you will become wise. See what the Word of God tells us in the scripture, the person who has the law of God in his heart knows what is just and right. In other words, he knows what is good and evil. So, the Word of God should richly dwell in your heart.

How is this possible? By reading, meditating and confessing the scriptures because when you do this Gods Word enters deeply in your heart and it takes deep root and it remains there forever and teaches you what is good and what is evil and the Holy Spirit dwells within you and will help you to overcome sin, evil and temptation. Thus, you will walk on the right path by doing what is right and just in the sight of God.

Psalms 119:105-106

As sun and moon give light to our physical journey on this earth and guide and direct our path so also the Word of God which is deeply rooted in us gives light to our spiritual journey and guides and directs our life. Man has two eye-sights. One is physical and the other is spiritual.

It is only the Word of God that opens your spiritual eyes of understanding. The more the Word of God dwells within you, the more your spiritual eyes will open and you will reach your destiny successfully. Meditation on the Word of God yields highest wisdom which leads to success. Your success and prosperity in life depends upon you meditating and obeying the Word of God daily and abiding in Christ the King our Lord and God. Amen!


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