Sun. May 19th, 2024

Ask ~ you will be given your request.

Seek ~ you will find what you are searching.

Knock ~ the closed door will be opened to you.

Therefore, you must ask, seek and knock with bold persistence. Never give up in life. Remember that you are a child of God and whatever you are waiting for shall be given to you. As you do that, wait with expectancy that He hears you and will answer you in His right time.
As you read His words, form them into prayer for yourself and for others.

Your prayers shall be answered soon in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

PRAYER: I pray in the mighty Name of my Christ the King that whatever I am asking shall soon be granted to me. I am a precious child of God, and my prayers shall not go in vain. My appointed time has come to testify. My prayer request is being transformed into a testimony. Whatever and for whom ever I am searching shall soon be in front of me. Every door that my Christ the King opens no man can shut. I decree and declare for every closed door to be opened right now. Door of success, victory, prosperity, divine health, healing, promotion, protection, wisdom and confidence open in the mighty Name of my Christ the King. I shall rejoice because my God has heard my cries and answered my prayers in Christ the King. Amen!


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