Sun. May 19th, 2024

Though my life today seems messed up but in no time I shall see the glorious miracles of my Christ the King in my life. I will be joyful and my every sorrow shall be erased. I am not giving up because my life is precious and unique. I am special in the sight of God. He shall give me the best as my appointed time has come. I am under the divine grace of God and I shall be prosperous and successful in Christ the King. Amen!

PRAYER: Dear God, I have tried a lot but each time I am failing in this journey of life. Please help me to be successful and do well in this life. Your Word says, ask and you shall receive and as per Your Word I ask for the works of my hands to be blessed. May I enter a new level and all the shut doors in my life be opened. In faith I am entering the realm of success and victory. I shall not be defeated instead I am destined to do best in life. Every area of my life shall be blessed, and I shall soon see a breakthrough in my situation in Christ the King. Amen!


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