Sat. May 18th, 2024

Exodus 12:21-30

My dear people of God the Israelites were under the bondage of the Egyptians for nearly 430 years, and they were cruelly oppressed in Egypt by their enemies. When it was unbearable for them, finally they remembered their God and cried unto Him for redemption. He heard their prayers in heaven and was moved with compassion. So, He sent Moses His servant to deliver them from the bondage of their enemies. God performed mighty miracles and wonders through Moses before Pharaoh and showed that God had sent Moses to deliver Gods people, but Pharaoh was so stubborn that even after seeing so many miracles being performed by Gods servant Moses, Pharaoh hardened his heart and did not allow the Israelites to leave his country.

Finally, God performed one more miracle through Moses and told him to tell the people of Israel to apply the blood of the lamb over the door post because God was about to send His angel and kill all the first-born males of the Egyptians and on those doors that had the blood of the lamb would be spared. The Israelites did whatever Moses had commanded. That night the angel of God passed through Egypt and killed all the first-born males of the Egyptians and even the first-born son of Pharaoh. This miracle humbled Pharaoh and ultimately, he allowed God’s people to leave his country. Hence, the Israelites were freed from the bondage of the Egyptians.

The Old Testament is the shadow of the New Testament, and the New Testament is the reality of the Old Testament. Therefore, whatever physical things happened in the Old Testament it is related to the spiritual things of the New Testament. We are the New Testament people, so it applies to us. There are four things that happened here which were physical, but they apply to our spiritual life.

  1. The people of Israel
  2. The land of Egypt
  3. The blood of the Lamb
  4. Entering into the Promised Land Canaan.

The people of Israel refer to the New Testaments people of God those who believe in Jesus Christ.

The land of Egypt refers to the people of God who are living in the spiritual bondage in the New Testament.

The blood of the lamb refers to the precious and holy blood of our Lord Jesus Christ shed on the cross of Calvary for our redemption.

Lastly entering the Promised Land, Canaan means entering the land of spiritual freedom. In otherwards, receiving freedom from sin and eternal death and living in holiness, truth and enjoying all the promises of God mentioned in the Bible.

Lord Jesus Christ delivered you from the bondage of satan that is from the slavery of sin and eternal death through His precious and holy blood so that you may enter the spiritual freedom and enjoy life and life in abundance. When a person receives freedom from the slavery of sin, he receives physical, mental, spiritual, financial, and social freedom. That is reason, why the word of God tells us in John 8:36 whom the Son of God sets free is totally free. Physically from sickness, disease, mentally free from anxiety, worries and financially free from poverty, lack, insufficiency and spiritually delivered from blindness and deafness towards the Gospel truth and socially Gods children are loving, caring and live at peace with their brethren.

Today, we see that some people who are delivered from the bondage of satan by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ are still not living a life of freedom. They are bound by sickness, diseases, worries, anxiety, poverty etc. Let us see the reason behind this. 

Galatians 5:1

The people of Israel were set free from the bondage of Pharaoh and as they were in the desert travelling towards the Promised Land Canaan, they were not completely free from their enemies until they reached the Promised Land. The Egyptians who once freed them now changed their minds and pursued them in the desert so that they could captivate them and make them slaves once again but God was with His people, so He supernaturally departed the Red Sea through Moses and the Israelites crossed on the dry ground having pillars of water formed besides them but when the Egyptians entered the sea the water came back to its place and drowned the entire Egyptian army. Our God is a wonder-working God who supernaturally destroys the enemies of His chosen people.

When you are delivered from the bondage of satan, through the precious and holy blood of our Lord Jesus Christ you are not completely free as the power of sin over your life is not totally broken. The evil forces that left you when you believed and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior will pursue you again to enslave you once again.

The reason why some of God’s chosen people are not free from sickness, poverty, anxiety and worries etc. is because they have not totally surrendered their life into God’s hand, and they are living a disobedient life by not obeying the Word of God. They are partly spiritual and partly worldly. So, they are pursued once again by the enemies to make them captives (spiritually). They have been again burdened with the yoke of slavery. How can such people live a life of total freedom (physical as well spiritual). (2 Peter 2:20) It is more miserable when one goes back to their worldly ways despite once choosing the spiritual path that is narrow and tough.

Romans 6:5-14

There is only one way where God’s people can live in total freedom is by surrendering yourself totally in the hands of Lord Jesus Christ. How can you surrender yourself? Daily you need to live in union with Lord Jesus Christ through personal prayer and reading the Word of God and you must connect to the right God ordained church to worship and serve God. When you do this, you will be filled with the Holy Spirit and overcome the fleshly desires and will come out of your spiritual bondage by crucifying your sinful habits on the Cross. Through this you will walk in the spiritual freedom that our heavenly Father has given us in His Son our Christ the King, and you will enjoy life and life in abundance. Amen!


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