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My dear people of God when a person lives 100 years or above and then he dies we hear people admiring the long life that the person lived! It is great to have a long life, but it is greater to have a blessed life which is long and fruitful as we abide in Christ and as Christ abides in us.

What is a blessed life?

John 10:10

Blessed life is also known as fruitful life and the Bible calls this life as abundant life or life in its fullness. What does abundant life mean?

It means all the promises of God mentioned in the Bible will be fulfilled in the lives of God’s chosen ones and they will enjoy all the blessings of God in its fullness along with Eternal life.

  • God’s chosen people will not live in anxiety, worry, fear, or depression etc in their entire life, but they will have peace of mind and joy of Christ. It does not mean that problems will not come in their life. Of-course problems will come but amid problems they will be in perfect peace and their mind will not wander and their heart will not be troubled during trials and tribulations of their life; besides this, at the end God will deliver them from all their problems as He promised them in Psalms 34:19.
  • Gods people will enjoy divine health. Even though they may have pain or sickness but one day God will heal them supernaturally. His miracle healing power will flow in them, and they will be healed permanently and will be far away from every pain and suffering because our God is ever ready to heal them from all their sickness, pain, and suffering. Gods people will enjoy divine health because divine health is a blessing from the Almighty. Even though God’s people may have to go through pain or sickness but that would be temporary because our Christ the King is a God who heals and delivers His children. He will not let you suffer for long because He is our faithful God who heals us from all kinds of sickness and diseases permanently.
  • They will live in prosperity. God’s chosen people will prosper in two ways. Materially as well as spiritually. Financially they will be self-sufficient in other words, they will lend to those who are suffering financially. They will also give to Gods service with a generous heart.  Spiritually they will be strong and matured and will carry the anointing of the Holy Spirit and serve in the vineyard of God very powerfully and effectively and bring glory and honour to His Name. (Material and spiritual prosperity is the divine blessing from God.)

The person who enjoys all these blessings of God is called a blessed man and his life on this earth will be a fruitful one and he will have life in abundance. It includes eternal life too.

Source of abundant life

John 15:4-16

My dear people, Jesus Christ is the fountain of living water which flows from Heaven above from Abba Father that quenches the thirst of our Spirit. The word of God in the Bible tells us that He is the tree, and we are His branches. If a branch is not attached to the tree, then it will dry up and will not bear fruits. So, if you cannot abide in Christ Jesus then you cannot lead a fruitful life because Lord Jesus Christ is the source of abundant life.

When you abide in Him by spending quality time in His presence through personal prayer by thanking, praising, and worshiping Him in spirit and truth and reading the word of God along with meditating over it daily with understanding then only you will abide in Christ and His words will abide in you and you will bear the fruit of the spirit which will help you to transform into Gods image then His life will flow in you and even though the satan may try various means to destroy you, but you will not be destroyed instead you will become stronger and stronger day by day and bear much fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23 and your life will be a blessing to many people on this earth as well as God!

God promised that whatever you ask in prayers He will grant your prayer requests in His Son our Lord Jesus Christ. Heaven and earth will pass away but His word will not pass away but it will endure in your life in Gods right time, and He will fulfill all His promises made to you in the Bible. This will strengthen you and you will glorify and testify His Name all the days of your life. The tree which is planted near the streams of water bears fruits in due season so also Gods chosen ones who are living in union with Christ Jesus will bear much fruit of the spirit because Jesus Christ is the fountain of living water who quenches the spiritual thirst of His people. He gives grace to say no to ungodliness and yes to Godliness and we shall be able to overcome sin, evil, and temptations in life and bear much fruit of the spirit. In this way our Gods Name will be glorified, and He promised us He will no longer call us His servant, but He will call us His friend as He called Abraham and King David His friends. What a great privilege that the Creator of heaven and earth calls us His friends.

So, it does not matter how long you live on this earth, but it is very important that those years you live on this earth should be fruitful and you should enjoy all the blessings of God. All the promises of God that are made in the Bible must be fulfilled in your life. You will live an abundant life in Christ Jesus by abiding in Him through prayer, fasting and reading the Word of God and serving God. The level of your fruitfulness in life determines the level of your abiding in Christ and His Word! Amen!


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