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1 Samuel 5:1-4

One day the Israelites waged war against the Philistines and in the battle the Philistines defeated the Israelites and captured the Ark of God and carried it to one of the Philistine cities called Ashdod and took it to the temple of their god called dagon and set it besides the statue of dagon but very next day in the morning the people of the city saw that dagon was fallen on the ground before the Ark of God.

People did not understand why did this happen so they took the statue of dagon and put it back in its place but the following morning when they saw again this time their god was not only fallen on the ground but it was broken into pieces.

Here we see 3 things:

The Ark of the Covenant

The statue of dagon

Dagon broken into pieces and fallen before the Ark of the Covenant.

The Ark of the Covenant in the Bible represents the presence of God. The dagon represents a demon. Let’s see the meaning of the dagon breaking into pieces before the Ark of the Covenant.

Psalms 97:1-5

Here the Word of God tells us that mountains melt like wax before the Lord.

The God of Israel whom we trust is a mighty God and is above all other gods and powers. He is a consuming fire for the wicked and a cloud of peace to the righteous. Therefore, in His presence no dagon’s or demons and nothing of the devil can stand but everything will be consumed by His Holy Fire. The Philistines in order to demonstrate the superiority of their god dagon over the God of Israel set the Ark of God beside dagon but our mighty God demonstrated His power and showed the Philistines that He is above all other gods and powers and He is the one true living God and all other idols of the false gods are the deception of satan which are powerless.

Luke 18:27

If you think that your problem is bigger than the mountain and there is no solution for it, in other words if you think that there is no way to come out of your problem your assumption is absolutely wrong because our God is mightier than your problem and there is no such problem that our God cannot solve because what is impossible with men is possible with God.

Therefore, your every problem has a solution in Christ Jesus our Lord and God. Where there seems to be no way He will supernaturally make a way through the mighty power of His Spirit and miraculously you will be healed, delivered, and blessed by God. You have to bring the Ark of the Covenant in your house in other words you and your household needs to be filled with the presence of God then only every dagon holding you, your family, property, future etc will be broken into pieces in other words they will flee out of you and your family forever and you will get great relief from all the problems that the demonic forces have caused in your family because no mountain can stand before the presence of the God of Israel our Lord Jesus Christ.

So out of your busy schedule spend quality time in the presence of God. Pray, fast, seek God and worship Him and fellowship with Him, read and meditate the Word of God with understanding daily and you will be filled with His presence. Then no dagon can stand against you because you are carrying the Ark of the covenant. Amen!

2 Samuel 6:9-12

In the Old Testament, the ark of the Lord was a sacred object manifesting the presence of God. God’s presence used to literally dwell in that place. During king David’s time the ark of God remained at the place of a man called Obed- Edom. It was at his house for three months and the word of God tells us that God blessed Obed- Edom’s household abundantly.

As long as we are in this world there will be some issue or the other that needs our attention. However, like Obed Edom we must welcome the Presence of God into our homes. We must make time for Him.

We see that as long as the Ark of the Covenant was at Obed-Edom’s house, God blessed him and his entire household. It is very important to have the presence of God in our family to be blessed.

Scripture says, the Lord blessed his household – meaning all the people in that house were blessed.

Secondly it says that everything he owned was blessed- the blessing of the Lord came upon not only the people of his house-hold but also over everything that Obed-Edom had in his house. The same thing will happen to you and to your household. God has not changed. The Bible says in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever unchangeable God.” What He did for Obed-Edom and his house-hold, He will do the same thing for you and your house-hold. Our God is a faithful God.

My dear people of God, do you want the blessings of the Lord in your life? If yes, then learn to welcome His presence into your life and into your home and remain in His presence continuously.

Some people welcome His presence only when they run into problems. Don’t be like those people. His presence is holy, so in-order to remain continuously in His presence we need to do His will by walking in His ways through following His commands, statues, decrees etc.

Do not be like the ones who want to be in God’s presence only when they encounter any problems. Our God is the King of Kings and Lord of all Lords and His presence is precious. We need to respect and honour the presence of God. In God’s presence there is fulness of joy, peace and happiness. In God’s presence there is no anxiety, worry, distress or depression which can dominate you. His presence brings blessings in every area of your life in Christ the King. Amen!


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