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1. Isaiah 54:7-8

Many those who believe Jesus Christ as their Lord and God and who have accepted Him as their personnel saviour and follow Him, think that now we are in the Lord so everything in life will go well and fine. There will be no more sorrow or pain and life will be very peaceful but when they see what they expected has not come true because they face trials and tribulations, they feel dejected and think that it is better to go back in the world and enjoy life.

God allows suffering in His people’s life for a certain reason. This suffering is called Godly sorrow and the good news for God’s people is this that Godly sorrow will end within a certain period of time, sorrow will come in the night but after the sorrowful night there will be a joyful morning for God’s people and then they will rejoice in the Lord always but there is no end for worldly sorrow that the worldly people suffer.

Therefore, when trials and tribulations come in your life do not lose hope in God and turn back to the world instead commit yourself to God and stand firm in faith as God will give you strength and grace to endure the suffering (1 Peter 5:10).

2. James 1:12

God allows suffering in His people’s life for two reasons:

a) To test their faith

b) To test their character

Why does God need to test the faith and character of His people?

Because we all know that pearls are not found at the seashore but in the depth of the ocean. If anyone wants to get it, he has to struggle hard by risking his life and only then will he find them. When he finds them, he will be overjoyed. So, before God could reward His people with the crown of life, He will test His people’s faith as well as character by allowing suffering in their lives. Under trials if God’s people persevere and stand to the test, they will receive the crown of life that God has promised for those who love Him.

Faith test

1 Corinthians 10:12-13

In the Old Testament there was a man called Job. The Word of God tells us that he was God fearing and blameless before God. Even though Job was righteous, God wanted to test His faith so He allowed suffering in his life by giving devil permission to attack him in every area of his life and the devil attacked and destroyed everything he had except his life.

He lost his health, family, property, possession etc., and from hero he became zero but great is Job’s faith in God. He did not lose hope as he did not utter a single word against God during his suffering instead, he blamed himself and cursed his day of birth and he passed his test so God rewarded him with the crown of life and whatever he had lost in life, God restored him in a double measure and in his latter days he enjoyed great peace and prosperity.

The follower of Christ has to undergo severe test in order to receive the crown of life. Test will come according to the level of faith you have in God. Job had a higher level of faith like our ancestor Abraham had, and they both went through severe suffering in life and under trials they stood firm in faith and passed the test hence, they received greatest reward from God.

Sufferings will be allowed to test your faith in God and when you stand firm in faith under trials you will receive great reward from God.

So, under trials don’t lose hope in God and turn back to the world. Don’t go away from the House of God. Sometimes, when you are going through severe sufferings while serving God even your loved one’s will discourage you saying that worldly people are happier than you. Even Job was discouraged by his loved one’s yet he did not give heed to their voice. My beloved people of God, these category people are doubting and testing Gods goodness which is a great sin in the sight of God so like Job don’t pay heed to the negative voices and give up on your valuable faith in your Creator.

So, in-order to receive the Crown of life you need to endure hardships patiently and pass the test and then after suffering a little while our God of all grace who called us to share His eternal glory in His Son Jesus Christ Himself will strengthen you and reward you and the rest of your days, you will enjoy great peace and prosperity along with eternal life like Job.

Character test

Hebrews 5:7-10

When our Lord Jesus Christ was on this earth, even though He is the Son of God yet He was tested because He was in flesh. He was tempted, persecuted and humiliated but He did not sin. So, our Almighty God gave Him all the power and authority of heaven and earth and crowned Him as the King of Glory and He became the source of eternal life for those who believe in Him.

God’s people’s character will be tested by allowing temptation, humiliation and persecution etc. Tough situations and circumstances will come when you are tested to sin against God but a man of character and integrity will not fall into the temptation and sin against God because he loves Him and lives in His fear.

Secondly, their character will be purified by putting them into humiliation and persecution. People will insult and criticize them, condemn and falsely accuse them but a man of good character will leave the matter to God in prayer and petition. In this way God’s people can pass the character test. So, if Gods people want to receive the crown of life that is peace on this earth and eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord and God you need to pass both the test with the help of the Holy Spirit. This is the perfect will of God for His chosen people. Amen!


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