Fri. May 17th, 2024

Genesis 1:28

Every person desires multiplication in his blessing’s day by day and year after year. No one wants his blessings to remain at the same level but always desires an increase and multiplication. Even the people of God quote the Biblical scripture and pray, “Lord you are a God of increase and multiplication so multiply our blessings.” Yes of course our God is a God of multiplication, and it is not wrong to quote the scriptures and claim the promises of God because there is power in the Word of God. When satan came to tempt our Lord Jesus, He did not reply in his own words, but Jesus quoted the scripture from the Bible and immediately the satan fled. For every situation of ours there are scriptures so we must know the scriptures by heart. You need to have the Bible within you. Only then you can quote the scripture and walk according to the Word of God and lead a fruitful life.

Coming to the point of ‘blessing multiplication’ only quoting the scripture and saying God you are a Lord of increase and multiplication is not enough because along with quoting that scripture you must do something more in action because there is a key where God can multiply His blessings upon us and what is that key? Let us see through the Word of God.

Luke 6:38

The key to multiply your blessings is hidden in this scripture. There are 2 parts in this scripture. In the first part God is asking from His people and says give and in the second part He is promising them if they give to Him how He will return it back to them. So, the key for your blessings to multiply is that whatever blessings you receive from God, you have to offer a certain portion back to God for His service. When you obey the first part of the scripture automatically the second part will be fulfilled in your life. God will bless your sacrificial offering and you will receive pressed down, shaken together and running over poured on to your lap. Today people want the second part of the scripture to be fulfilled without obeying the first part. A farmer cannot expect great harvest without sowing his seed. A wise farmer does not eat his entire harvest once and for all, but he always sets apart a certain portion of his harvest to sow it in the next season. Same principle is applicable to sowing in Gods kingdom, therefore, be a wise farmer. Here, this scripture just does not speak about sowing your financial seed only but also your time and your talents that you can sow in Gods service. As you do this God will look upon you with His favor and your sacrificial offering will be blessed and multiplied and you will receive hundred-fold blessing in His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Samuel 1:10-11

Elkhana and his wife Hannah had no children even though both were very devotional, God-fearing and people of prayer. Hannah would go to the house of God regularly to pray and worship God and she would constantly pray for a gift of child but even though God did not answer her prayers till her old age, she neither stopped going to the house of God nor did she stop praying. Now a day’s people come to the revival service, and they want instant miracles. If they do not receive their miracle immediately, they stop coming to the revival service. There are some people who after coming to the prayer meeting, they receive blessings from God and once their needs and requests are met, they are not to be found in the house of God. They forget the favor of Lord Jesus Christ.

My dear people of God, a person who really loves God; whether God answers his prayer or not he will say Lord still you are my God, and I will remain in Your sanctuary all the days of my life and serve you whole heartedly and such person finds favor in the eyes of God because his love for God and faith in God is not false but genuine. So, at the end God will give him such blessings that no eye has seen, and no ear has heard, and no mind has conceived. Sometimes God delays His blessings to test His peoples love for Him and faith in Him. So, stand firm till the end and show God that your love for God is true as Hannah did. Your faith in God will be highly rewarded in His right time.

Because Hannah proved that her love for God was true, so the favor of God came upon her and one day something great happened in her life. So many years Hannah used to pray Lord bless me with a gift of child but, on that day, she changed her way of praying and she said Lord if you give me a child, I will offer him for your service all the days of his life. The day she prayed this prayer God blessed her womb and she conceived and later she gave birth to a son whom she named Samuel. He was not an ordinary child, but he was a prophet of God.

My dear people of God your prayer should be according to the will of God and the blessings which you ask from God should not be used for your selfish motive, but instead it should be used for the glory of God. Instantly, you will see your miracle at your door.

1 Samuel 2:18-21

As Hannah vowed to God, she took her son Samuel in his early age and offered him for God’s service where priest Eli was ministering to God’s people. My dear people of God do you think that Hannah offered her only son who was born to her in her old age and who was the future hope of her life with a joyful heart? Of course not! Her heart must have broken and filled with sorrow but the good news for God’s people is that the sacrifice which costs us something is the real sacrifice and God will look with favor upon us and our sacrifice will be blessed, and it will be multiplied by God in His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

As Hannah obeyed the first part of the scripture that is Luke 6:38 God fulfilled His promise which is the second part of the scripture. In the place of her one son Samuel God blessed Hannah’s womb once again and she was blessed with 5 children and God prepared a banquet in the eyes of her enemy Penninah the second wife of her husband Elkhana. Penninah had children and Hannah had none so whenever she would go to the house of God, she would tease her and make her to cry by saying you are going to the house of God regularly to pray yet God is not answering your prayers.

There are many Peninnah’s in our journey of life who always discourage us by saying, ‘What’s the use of you going to the prayer services? The worldly people are happier than you.’ These are the spiritually weak people whom satan uses to test the goodness of God and to mock Him. As Hannah paid no attention so you too should not give heed to such comments and do not give up your hope in Christ. Stand firm in faith till the end and your faith in God will be rewarded and you will receive multifold blessings. You will walk with your head held high and glorify God by saying ‘Look what the Lord has done!’ Amen!


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