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1. Genesis 1:1-27

Here we see that in the beginning when our Lord God created the heavens and the earth even though the spirit of God was present on this earth and was hovering over the waters yet the earth was formless, empty and was covered with deep darkness.

Why did the spirit of God not start the creative activities of God on this earth?

The Spirit of God was waiting for the Lord Almighty to speak His Rhema word. Until and unless God sends His word, the spirit will not function on this earth or in anyone’s life and do miracles because the spirit of God always follows the word of God and they operate together.

God spoke His word and then the Spirit of God along with the Word of God started functioning and six days there were six amazing and wonderful things created on this earth. The formless, empty and dark world was filled with light and became beautiful, attractive and fruitful. When God saw this, He became very happy and said it is good because He was delighted in His creation.

Out of nothing God created everything through the power of His spirit and through the power of His word.

Now-a-days we see people attending the revival meetings for a very long time but majority of their life is empty, barren and not fruitful. They pray, fast and give towards God’s work while some of them even serve in the house of God yet they do not see any result so they feel certain kind of emptiness and rejection in life and they wonder as to why is their life so empty and barren despite so many sacrifices.

One of the main reasons is that such people are not filled with the word of God and the Spirit of God. So, when they pray and ask Holy Spirit to come and do something, He cannot function in their lives and do miracles until and unless they are filled with the word of God because the spirit of God always follows the word of God and they both operate together.

If we are filled with the word of God, only then can we pray and speak out the word of God and the Holy Spirit will move mightily and amazing things will happen in our lives and our empty, barren and dark life will become beautiful, attractive and fruitful and we will enjoy life and give glory to God and He will delight in us and when He delights in us we will be strengthened because the word of God says that the joy of the Lord is our strength [Nehemiah 8:10].

2. John 2:1-11

Once our Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples were invited to a wedding at Cana in Galilee and Mary the mother of Jesus was also present and there was shortage of wine at the wedding. Virgin Mary came to Jesus and told Him to do something about the wine because she knew very well that Jesus is not man but He is God so He can perform a mighty miracle and solve the problem supernaturally. Jesus told the servants to fill the empty jars with water till the brim. As they filled the jars to the brim, He told them to draw some of it and give to the master of the banquet.

When the master of the banquet tasted, the ordinary water turned into wine. This is the first miracle that Lord Jesus Christ performed at the wedding of Cana and revealed to His people who had gathered at the wedding feast that He is not man but He is God. Therefore, what is impossible with man, our Christ the King will make it possible through the power of His spirit by performing mighty, unusual and creative miracles and solve the problems of His people supernaturally.

In-order to make the impossible things possible in our lives, our jars need to be filled with water to the brim. God cannot perform mighty miracles in empty jars. In the Bible, water is symbolic of the word of God and the six jars represent man because man is created on the sixth day.

Water to be filled up to the brim means our hearts to be fully filled with the word of God only then our prayer life will become very strong and we will become spiritually matured Christians. Then when we pray, the Holy Spirit will move mightily in our lives and He will make impossible things possible for us and He will transform ordinary into extra ordinary, natural into supernatural.

Thus, our problem will be solved supernaturally and miraculously in Christ Jesus our Lord and God.

3. Psalm 119:9-11

When our Lord Jesus Christ was on this earth the devil came to Him and tempted Him thrice to sin against God. Even though Lord Jesus Christ was on this earth in flesh, He overcame temptation and did not sin against God. Since He was in flesh how was it possible for Him to refrain Himself from temptation?

Because of two things Lord Jesus Christ could win victory over sin, evil and temptation. First, He was full of Holy Spirit and second, He was fully filled with the of word of God. So, whenever devil came and tempted Him to sin, He spoke the word of God and the devil got defeated and fled away.

Today, many of God’s chosen people cannot overcome sin, evil and temptation in life because they are neither filled with the word of God nor with the spirit of God.

Only those people who are filled with the word of God and the spirit of God can overcome temptation in life because whenever devil tempts us to sin and do evil things in the sight of God, the word of God which is dwelling within us helps us and the spirit of God gives us strength to overcome sin, evil and temptations in life and we will win victory over sin and live a holy and pure life for God.

Therefore, my beloved people of God, in-order to have a successful journey in this life and reach your destiny peacefully, you need to be filled with the Word of God as well as the Spirit of God. How it is possible? By daily reading and meditating on the word of God you will be filled with the Word of God and spending quality time in the presence of God through personal prayer by thanking, praising and worshipping God whole heartedly you will be filled with the Spirit of God.

Thus, darkness, emptiness and barrenness etc will disappear from your life and the light of Christ will shine over your life which shall make your life beautiful, fruitful and glorious in His Son our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


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