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Our New Year greetings have two words ‘happy’ and ‘prosperous’ New Year. Do you know that these are the two greatest blessings that God desires His people to receive and enjoy life to the fullest? These are the greatest blessings because without peace and prosperity His people cannot lead a fruitful life. Therefore, it does not matter whether you live 80 or 120 years but what is important is that the days you live on this earth should be a fruitful one.

Unfortunately, most of God’s people neither have peace nor prosperity in life. They are always worried and troubled and have no peace in life. What is the reason behind this? Firstly, these blessings are received only in Christ Jesus and secondly, there are keys in the Bible to receive these blessings.

Key for happy and peaceful life

Luke 2:8-14

The night our Lord Jesus Christ was born in a town called Bethlehem in Judea there were shepherds in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks by night who saw a glorious light shine around them, and they were terrified, and the angel of God told them not to be afraid. The angel of God gave them the good news about the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. As soon as the message was conveyed, suddenly they saw the heavenly host singing a melodious song and through this song they were praising God and conveying a message of peace to His people, and it was even told to them that this heavenly peace would be only received; on whom the favor of God rests.

1st let us see why our Almighty God conveyed this message of peace on the night our Lord Jesus Christ was born.

2nd we would see on whom the favor of God rests.

Philippians 4:4-7

Apostle Paul tells the people of God to not worry about anything instead to rejoice in the Lord always and be happy. When a person goes through a lot of troubles in life would it be possible for him to rejoice in the Lord and be happy? The answer is yes because these are not the words of Apostle Paul, but God has spoken these comforting scriptures to His people through His servant Apostle Paul. God’s people can remain happy and peaceful amid many problems if they enter the divine peace of Christ because this divine peace of God which we receive in His Son Lord Jesus Christ keeps our mind and heart cool and calm during our difficult times. This is the reason why this peace of Christ is called the greatest blessing of God for His people and we receive it only in Christ, so it was conveyed by our Almighty God sending the heavenly host on the night Christ was born in this world.

Who will receive this divine peace of Christ?

Isaiah 57:1-2

Peace is the fruit of righteous life. Every person who leads an upright life in the sight of God, the favor of God rests upon him and he will enter the divine peace of Christ and enjoy life. Those who enter this peace will even find rest in death in other words he will receive eternal life. This is the blessed assurance of our Lord for His people and the specialty of this peace is that the worldly things cannot give us this peace e.g., name, fame, position, wealth and even our loved ones etc. The peace which worldly things give us is temporary because when problems come, we can easily lose it. One more specialty is that the cares and worries of this world cannot take away this peace of Christ from us. That is the reason this peace is called divine peace of Christ and one of the greatest blessings of God for His chosen people in His Son Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

These are the 2 greatest blessings of God because without these 2 blessings God’s people cannot lead a fruitful life and enjoy life in abundance. Therefore, both blessings are important.

Divine prosperity

There are 2 kinds of prosperities. One is worldly and the other one is divine. Worldly prosperity could be gained through hard work without any rest or sometimes it is by cheating one another but God’s people prosper through the blessings of God. Worldly people prosper in only one area of their life and that is materially by having wealth and possession, but God’s people have 2 kinds of prosperities i.e., material as well as spiritual. Materially God will bless them with wealth and possession by making them lenders and not borrowers and spiritually God will bless them with rest and peace of mind, good health, anointing of the Holy Spirit to pulldown and overthrow the kingdom of Satan and build and plant the kingdom of God on this earth.

My dear people of God I want to ask you a question as to which prosperity is important to lead a fruitful life whether it is worldly or spiritual. It is the spiritual prosperity.

The difference between worldly and spiritual prosperity:

  • Without spiritual prosperity the worldly people cannot enjoy their wealth and possession, but God’s people can enjoy it fully because along with wealth and possession they will also have good health and mental peace and divine wisdom to spend and invest wealth in a Godly manner.
  • Without the guidance of Holy Spirit, the worldly people’s prosperity will go on diminishing and there will be a possibility of landing from prosperity to poverty whereas the wealth of God’s people will increase day by day and year after year. They will reach from the land of poverty to prosperity and when the people of the world will see, they will be surprised and they will say that once upon a time this person was so poor but now he has become so rich and definitely God is with him so he is prospering and they will come to you and tell you that I am facing so many problems please pray for me. Your response to them will be, I will pray for you but go and attend or watch the Christian revival service because what I have received from God, you too shall receive it.  

Key to receive divine prosperity.

3 John 1:2

Your material prosperity fully depends upon your spiritual prosperity. When you prosper in your spiritual realm; automatically God will prosper you in every area of your life. So, if you want to enter the divine prosperity of God there is no other way rather than to prosper in your spiritual life. Those who are facing financial problems, health issues or if you have no peace of mind firstly, you need to prosper in your spiritual area.

How can you prosper in your spiritual realm?

Joshua 1:6-9

After the death of Moses, God appointed Joshua as the leader of the people of Israel to lead them to the Promised Land Canaan. Here we see that God told something vital to Joshua about the secret to prosperous and successful life.

God said to Joshua that now my servant Moses is dead so in the place of him you must lead my people to the Promised Land Canaan. Since these people are very rebellious and stiff necked, they will not listen to you unless they see my presence go with you and besides this on the way to Canaan you must fight many strong enemy nations and defeat them. It is only possible if my presence goes with you, but my presence will go with you only when you obey the whole book of the law which was (the Old Testament) given through Moses on Mount Sinai and which is already with you.

Then you will be successful and prosperous in life.

Joshua obeyed God and followed God whole heartedly. The presence of God went with Joshua and the people who were rebellious, and they saw the mighty miracles that God performed through him which caused them to highly honor and respect him. Joshua successfully led the people of Israel to the Promised Land Canaan and settled down there. He enjoyed every blessing of God and led a fruitful life.

The word of God is the food for your spirit and your spirit will prosper when you obey whole law of God. The level of your spiritual prosperity depends upon the level of your obedience to the word of God which leads to the prosperity in every area of your life. I believe there are many New Testament Joshua’s who will do what Old Testament Joshua did and will soon enter the divine peace and prosperity of God and will enjoy life in its fulness in Christ our Lord, Amen!


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