Sun. May 19th, 2024

Job 1:8- Then the Lord said to satan, ‘Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.’

Job was a wealthy and God fearing man whose faith was put to test. God allowed satan to test Job’s faith by inflicting him with sufferings. Satan attacked every area of his life and destroyed everything he had by sparing only him and his wife’s life.This is the sad part of his life’s journey but this was all temporary as after he lost everything there is also a bright side to his life’s journey. This bright side had good news one after the other.

1st good news: Under trials Job persevered and endured every suffering patiently till the end. Hence, he proved that his faith is genuine.

2nd good news: Finally God rewarded Job’s faith and blessed him double-fold of everything that he had lost.

3rd good news: Before God could permit satan to test Job, He spoke a vital thing about Job’s life. God said to satan that my servant Job is righteous and blameless.

God praised and appreciated Job by calling him righteous and blameless before satan. With this and because of this the turnaround in his situation began after the testing period was over.

You are a child of God and when you live a life pleasing to our Almighty God, your life too will soon experience His blessings one after the other.

Firstly: God will bless every area of your life. He will prosper and bless you so that you may be blessed, and you can become a blessing to others.

Secondly: God’s edge of protection will be over you, your household and your belongings.

Thirdly: God’s favor will rest upon you causing you to find favor wherever you go. Finally, you will enjoy His peace in Christ the King and enjoy life to its fullest.

It is a great privilege for every child of God to please God and receive this certification of good character from God rather than to please any man and expect praise and honor from any man. God is with you so stay strong in your faith and do not give during times of trials and tribulations because in Christ the King a great reward is kept in store for you. Amen!

PRAYER: Dear God, I surrender my prayer request to You. May my prayers be answered and my faith in You be rewarded. Every situation in my life shall see a turn around and I will go to the next level in this journey of mine where victory and success in every aspect is awaiting me. I am not alone because my Christ the King is by my side. My situation shall not remain the way it is because I am entering into my appointed time where my sorrow shall turn into joy and mourning into dancing. May I soon receive good news after good news from this day on. My God is an awesome God who shall grant me the best in His Son my Christ the King. Amen!


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