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1. 1 Samuel 29:1-11

During King Saul’s rule in Israel there was constant war between Israel and Philistine and David a young man who was a mighty warrior served under Saul the first king of Israel as a Commander in Chief in the army. Whenever David went to fight the battle against the Philistines God gave him great success rather than King Saul because God was pleased with David. So, people of Israel praised David which caused King Saul to keep a jealous eye on him. He pursued David constantly in order to kill him. David was tired of hiding from King Saul and finally along with his family and 600 men, David went to Achish King of Gath. Here King Achish gave a warm welcome to David and his men and also provided a job in his army and gave a place called Ziklag for him and his men to stay.

One day the Philistines prepared to wage war against the Israelites. David and his men accompanied King Achish but the Philistine commanders opposed them and said to King Achish that since David and his men were Jewish and during the fight David and his men will turn against us and fight on behalf of Israel and we will lose the battle. When King Achish heard about this, he got very upset and came to David and said a beautiful thing about him.

Do you want to know what did he say? He said to David I have a character certificate about you. Since you are there with me over a year, I found no fault in you. You are like an angel of God for me who is reliable. So, I want you to be with me forever but the sad thing is that the Philistine rulers are opposing you so go in peace back to Ziklag the place I have given you.

David was an Israelite, a Jew but King Achish was a Philistine. When King Saul was chasing David constantly; he came to King Achish of Gath which was an enemy land. David was fully broken inwardly and had no peace, job and place to stay. In this enemy’s land God provided him everything and his emptiness turned into fullness and this was only because David had a character certificate from God as well as man so he found favour in the sight of God as well as man.

Today God as well as man searches for people who are faithful and trustworthy, men and women of character and integrity. If God has your character certificate with Him then you will find favour in the sight of God as well as man and how much ever powerful your enemies may be or how much ever great authority they may have and though you may be least in the eyes of people yet they cannot overpower you because God’s Hand is upon you. God will give you victory over your enemies and besides this there are King Achish type of people who are placed over your life by God so that in times of your trouble and difficulties they will come to your aid to protect you, provide you with whatever you need and bless you.

2. Daniel 6:1-5

Daniel was a Jew exiled from Judah to Babylon. He was in the enemy’s land serving under King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. After him he served under his son and now, he was serving under King Darius as a royal administrator. Darius’ kingdom was ruled by 120 satraps and 3 royal administrators and Daniel was one among them. Darius observed that the 120 satraps and the 2 royal administrators were not faithful but corrupt in nature but only Daniel was different from them in nature.

He was very honest, faithful and loyal in his dealings with one-another as well as in his profession so the king decided to promote Daniel the Jew and exalt him to a higher position in his kingdom.

When the satraps and the administrators heard about this, they tried to find fault in Daniel in every aspect that were possible but they could not find a single fault in him. So, from their own mouth they confessed that we have found no fault in him. What a wonderful thing to hear from the enemy’s mouth that Gods chosen one is a man of character and integrity!

Daniel was a very devoted man. He would keep a close relationship with God by fasting and praying and he was a man of character and integrity so he found favour in the sight of God as well as King Darius. So, King Darius promoted him to the highest position in his Kingdom and all the enemies who dug a pit for Daniel in the night were put in the same pit by our Creator in the broad day light.

My dear people of God your promotions come neither from the East nor from the West but it is comes from our God Lord Jesus Christ. Whether you are qualified or less qualified than your colleagues, if you have a character certificate from God then you will be exalted for a higher position which you have not even thought of.

Besides this your enemies who try to pull you down due to jealousy, hatred, insecurity etc by digging a pit in the night for you to fall will be put in the same pit that they dug for you, during the broad day light and you will be exalted and promoted in the midst of your enemies. God will prepare a table before the people who slandered, defamed, falsely accused, insulted or disgraced you.

The place where your enemies put you to shame and disgrace at that very place you will be honored. Your loving God is watching you and you will be rewarded at the right time. The place where you cried shall be the very place where God will give you immense joy and happiness. Your season of sadness shall turn into gladness in Christ the King. You will be protected, promoted, honored and blessed by God because God has a character certificate of you! Amen.


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